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Billie Whitehouse - CEO & Creative Director Wearable X 2023 
Billie Whitehouse is the CEO & Creative Director of Wearable Experiments (Wearable X). Recognised as the recent winner of the Design Technology Award from Fashion Group International, New York. Billie specializes in the combination of hardware, software and apparel for wearable technology products, leading design, product development, business partnerships & overseeing major business & financial decisions. With over 10 years of experience in building innovation products with Wearable X & Google, she has played a pivotal role in leading innovative product development in collaborations with companies such as Durex, American Express, Oakley, Burton, Calvin Klien, Mattel, Foxtel, Bud Light & Pepsi. Known for her development of Nadi X, the first smart yoga experience with guidance on the body through smart textiles. Billie is invigorating every industry and transforming it into a business focused on improving the quality of our lives.

Billie was named in the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company. Some career highlights include winning The Wearable Award in Paris at Show Room Privé as well as being featured in the Venice Biennale, Museé De L’homme & having Wearable X named one of the most innovative companies in Fitness by Fast Company.

Innovation, from early ideation to full scale product development & shipping at scale are the core of what makes Billie thrive. Pairing this with working alongside world class teams at Google & Wearable X where Billie would manage headcount from the marketing, design, software, retail & development teams. She aligns the teams around the vision and executes this product development while maintaining business relations with all stakeholders. Billie has spent the last 10 years leading Wearable X, managing investor relations, business & financial decisions as well as design, product development, retail & ecommerce.

Billie is a renowned keynote speaker with presentations stretching from Advance Textile Summit 2023, Fashinnovation 2022, World Web Forum 2020/2015 Haptics Conference San Diego 2019, World Retail Congress 2018, WT Conference San Francisco 2021/2018, Business of Sports Conference 2018, WORLDZ 2017, Synergy Global 2017 at Madison Square Garden, The New Yorker Tech Fest 2016, Fortune’s Elevate 2016, Belgium Fashion Congress 2015, Cannes Lions 2015/2016, Wired UK 2015, Conde Nast Digital Russia 2016, India Fashion Forum 2016 and many more.


10 Years 2 months to present - CEO & Creative Director - Wearable Experiments Inc

4 years 3 months  - Partner Program Manager - Google ATAP 

2 years 6 months - CES Curator/Host & Technology Contributor - Refinery 29

1 year 6 months - Consultant & Business Development - SMP Technologies

4 year 7 month - Alumni Relations Manager & Design Education - Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia



Leadership (Creative vision & execution)
Resource Management
Budget Management & Forecasting
Design Thinking
Ideation workshopping
Strategic planning
Stakeholder management
Project leadership across hardware; prototyping through to development & launch, software UX UI,
Garment manufacturing
Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution

    Awards, Presentation & Exhibitions

    Advance Textiles Summit USA 2023
    Fashinnovation Miami 2022
    Venice Biennale Palazzo More 2021
    Museé De L’Homme - Limits of Humanity 2021
    Wearable Technology Conference SF 2021 & 2014
    Forbes Biggest Technology Trend 2021
    World Web Forum Zurich 2020
    Vogue India 2019
    Fashion Group International Design Technology Award 2018
    Fast Company’s Most Creative People 2017
    The Wearable Award 2016
    Winner Cannes Lions 2013 & Keynote presentation 2015/16

    Other Interests Yoga
    Ambient Computing