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Fundawear slideshow

Fundawear slideshow

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Billie Whitehouse has designed Fundawear, a high-tech bamboo lingerie line for Durexperiment, in partnership with Ben Moir of Snepo technology and Havas Worldwide. It’s the world’s first wearable technology for lingerie that transfers touch via the Internet.


Fundawear is a world-first in seamless design, housing real-time sensor technology. The lingerie, made from high-quality bamboo fabric, is capable of transferring touch from the Internet into sensors integrated into the underwear. Billie Whitehouse was invited by Durex to design the lingerie line in collaboration with Snepo technology, directed by Ben Moir and advertising company Havas Worldwide.


Billie graduated from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, in 2008. For the past three years she has been teaching fashion illustration, styling and creative direction, as well as designing lingerie, styling short films, photo shoots and promotional material for the Whitehouse Institute.

Fundawear features a unique real-time server that communicates between touchscreen devices and garments. The application, touch actuator technology and server were all designed to replicate the nuances of touch. Comfort, sexiness and flexibility were key challenges in designing Fundawear, but Billie has designed the garments to conceal the technology seamlessly while still looking elegant.

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Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, is a home and family to Billie, where she has witnessed and worked with the best designers in Australia over the last 20 years. It is also important to Billie to develop her skills and remain innovative. 

"I consider myself a design obsessed creative, where I see the importance in drawing connections between two or more non related topics to find a new idea".     

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